model sandal terbaru » Simply desire to say your article is as astonishing. y
Robert » If you have the actual copy of The Wandering Sons Again From The Beginning, I'm trying to track it down.
genna giacobassi/fic » hello again! i'm very happy to say that our ep is finished. although i haven't heard back from you (i know you're probably very busy) i decided to send you a link to the record anyway. the album wo
Rudey » How do I get flashy pictures rudey
Rudey » How do I get flashy pictures rudey
Greg Z. » Made a few changes to my list as I remembered a few more albums that came out this year that I liked. Time flies so fast it's hard to remember when things came out.
Unkle Therapy » 2. New List: Top 5 crimes perpatrated by Steve Wonder in mid-80's. Subquestion, better to burn out or fade away?
Unkle Therapy » ...may feel a little incompetent. But I will give me a little time. Matt two things: 1. If the nachos get stuck together, its one nacho...
Unkle Therapy » Matt nice website. Almost as flashy as my grandmas carpet. The problem I have posting my top ten on this site is the same as GW at a UN convention or myself showering with Ben Wallace. I just ...
Erik Ernst » Bravo Matt. Hey Eric - Give me a holla sometime. i don't have your email addy.
Eric Davidson » Nice list Matt, you got to include Gnarls Barkley though. Easily top 5 album of the year so far
Eric Davidson » Nice list Matt, you got to include Gnarls Barkley though. Easily top 5 album of the year so far
Rudey » updated my site..... I like the article Matt. Rudey
Dad » Campus music in the early 60s was the stuff in the Rathskeller (where I bounced
Dad » coffee houses (progressive/cool jazz), or classical concerts in memorial theater.
Aunt Dolly » Great site Matt. Keep up the good work.
Dad » Pretty erudite stuff, son. I enjoyed reading--keep it up
robot chicken » e money your list is good, i can't believe i left sigur ros of my list .retarded.
robot chicken » any body on right now
robot chicken » what up matt
Matty » thanks! checked out your blog, very cool! some deep reviews
magicgoblin » UM, DID THAT WORK?
magicgoblin » I like your page. I do music reviews too, although not as tasteful as yours. I like your top 10 list (not so much the choices but the way its set up) - I'll probably be doing one soon too. Peace!
fam » nice to be here
matty » have not heard it yet but I have to admit I am a little bit cautious after hearing the single
Eric » So what's the verdict on the new Weezer? I say it's at least better than the last two. Much better than the .4 that Pitchfork gave it. Those guys are dumb
jr » cool site
Eric » If you can round up a few tix for the 16th, that would be cool.
Matt » if you really wanna go i can probably use my jedi powers and get some tix but it would have to be the 16th... so?
Eric » Stupid Mars Volta is already sold out for both days. I gotta stop waiting on these shows down here.
Sunny » Just surfed on it...... if i click on that picture... can I have 14% off ?? -Rudey
Matt » How did you find that Wilcobase sight?? That thing is stalkeriffic
Sunny » Kudos to the Shawno fella for putting that
THE Explosion » Click on my name to hear some rocking music.
BIG TOE JAMES » are you sure
Sunshine » Is it song 7?? That one seems kinda cool??
Sunshine » ?? Would someone please tell me which song is good on that new arcade fire cd??
Scott Stapp's Mom » It's true....unfortunate, yet true. Even when he was a little kid...He kinda sucked
Scott Stapp » No, even my Mom admits that me and especially Creed sucked and continue to suck.
matt » seriously??
matt » seriously??
Andrew » Matt you need to shut up about Scott Stap, he is the best singer ever. Creed was awesome!!! but you, you suck!!!
Jay » The Arcade Fire Rules. Funeral is a grat CD and Eric you are right, the one guy is Napoleon. Oh yeah, FUCK ther Grammy's and Fuck Ray Charles!
matt » give digital some time... it's actually a pretty good album. it's not immediately appealling like awake but there's some good stuff buried in it
alex » you're right about bright eyes. wide awake's great. digital, less so. I think we're just counting down until a truly iconic album...reminds me of wilco circa '00 and death cab circa 10 min. ago.
matt » speaking of people who can't sing.....I give you Aaron Carter
Eric » wow, maybe Ashlee Simpson should go back to lip syncing. Can we please have enough of this shit? No more people with no talent.
Eric » I also agree on Hope of the States, best $5 i ever spent
Jay » I picked up the King's album as well, it's fantastic
matt » two big finds for me...Kings of Convenience & Hope of the States, I concur w/Dave/Tyree both are great albums
matt » criminal?
whit » anyone know?
whit » http://hey does anyone kno the name of that Fionna Apple song where shes singing in the bathtub ???
matt » station in seattle to listen to is KEXP go to ROCKS!!
rudey » the onion is in 2004
rudey » matt....what's that coolfolk/ radio station in seattle..... can you post a list
matt » I have 3 waiting in the wings that I know are posting this week
rudey » is this going to be the only 3 lists?? new years?? -rudey
rudey » is this going to be the only two lists??? -rudey
Secret DJ Bill » MC 5... Sunday on the Top 20 between 6-8 on 90.3 fm... any particular song?
Irene » when will you air the group mc five again
Matt » you need me to hold your hand??? Don't you ever get sick of just reading my babble on this thing? BTW--with Lollapalooza canceled, I really wished I could have done a radio show this week!!
John Sagehorn » I swear I'll get an account here sooner or later.