Entry: Modest Mouse Feb 3, 2007

Hey everyone.  This is Ryan from 102.1.  I wanted to ask the masses their thoughts about Modest Mouse.

My experience with Modest Mouse:  I missed the boat when they were truly an indie band.  And I still usually plead ignorance when it comes to the band pre 2001.

But I know people that WERE really into Modest Mouse back then.  And when Good News For People Who Love Bad News came out, they abhorred it.  And they hated the concert tour to promote that CD.  I don't know if they just didn't like the material, or if they were just upset that Modest Mouse wasn't their little band anymore...for whatever the reason, I don't think I had ever seen so many diehard fans turn on a band like that.

Enter Johnny Marr.  Enter We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank.  Enter "Dashboard". 

What do you think of the state of Modest Mouse?  Do you have a sense what the old school MM fans think of the new song?  Honestly, I like it a lot, and I'm glad that we play it on a somewhat regular basis at the station.  But I'm interested to see what the people in the trenches (yes, you reading this) think.



February 15, 2011   12:42 AM PST
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nicky t
September 29, 2008   01:17 AM PDT
woah now, i happen to be an old-time modest mouse fan. i connected to their raw, melancholic but altogether jammy vibes on such great albums as "the crowded, lonesome west" and "this is a long drive for someone with nothing to think about." goddamn, listen to that album the whole way through and tell me you're not in love. i think it'd be easy enough to like the song "dashboard" if you weren't looking at modest mouse through the lens of their overall development as a band. it's quite the typical route they go: their artistic ingenuity slackens in an inverse ratio to their commercial success. you wanna know why dashboard is good? it's catchy. meaning, it's a well-marketed pop hit that you can hum. it's fruity, relatively meaningless (compare their heart-wrenching, earlier poetics to dashboard and you'll see what i mean), and dancey. yeah, it's great for mainstream radio, but a bummer for genuine fans precisely because there's nothing genuine about it. for lack of a better term, they sold out. they got "successful" and rich and it diluted isaac's brooding genius that made him at once so alienated and relatable.

their early records forged much of what contemporary indie-rock is, and moved through restless moods and melodies in a hypnotic sort of way (listen to "dramamine" and you'll see what i mean.)

i don't know what to say other than listen to everything pre-moon and antarctica, and the musical difference should speak for itself. it might be harder to dig it in rapid retrospect, but after intensively going through their oldies and suddenly jumping to "dashboard," it'll be like jumping from a jacuzzi to an ice-cold pool

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