Entry: Eric's Top Ten of 2006 Jan 13, 2007

Hello all. Hope the new year is going well for everyone. 2006 was a great year for music, and without further ado, the ten best albums of 2006.

10. The Decemberists- The Crane Wife

I'm admittedly late to the Decemberists bandwagon, but after hearing this effort, I'm definitely on that bandwagon. Very diverse shifting from poppy to shanties to prog to hard rock effortlessly. A very good listen

First Impressions of Earth9. The Strokes- First Impression of Earth

I don't know what took the Strokes so long, but they finally found a producer that makes them sound like the dark rock band that they are. It may or may not have their strongest songs yet, but the sound is huge, the album grabs you and shakes you silly. The perfect example of what the right producer can do with the right band

Pearl Jam8. Pearl Jam- Pearl Jam

Riot Act was definitely a let down, but Pearl Jam more than make up for it with this effort. The songs are tight, and the playing inspired. Lean and stripped down, Pearl Jam show they can still rock with the best of them

Yes, Virginia...7. The Dresden Dolls- Yes, Vriginia.....

Probably one of the most interesting bands out there. Also one of those bands you definitely have to see live to fully appreciate. Although some of the lyrics are lacking, the melodies and playing are very strong. Brian Viglione is one of rock's great secret weapons on drums

Broken Social Scene6. Broken Social Scene- Broken Social Scene

This album missed the cutoff for this list by 2 weeks, but I didn't get it until this year, so I'm including it! Definitely one of the more exciting bands in indie rock right now, they can sound ramshackle, but incredibly coherent at the same time. Highlight is the epic closer "It's all going to Break"

A Hundred Miles Off5. The Walkmen- A Hundred Miles Off

WIth this album, the Walkmen officially made thier way into my top ten favorite band status. There's a 3 album limit for that club by the way. No one is better at capturing that feeling you get about 3:30 in the moring and you're watching tv convincing yourself that you should have some water, but end up getting that next beer anyways

Ten Silver Drops4. The Secret Machines- Ten Silver Drops

I really can't believe that this album wasn't on anyone elses's list. They could be our generation's Pink Floyd. Just great, swirling psychadelia that rocks when it has to, but can also be just above a whisper. Amazing live band as well.

St. Elsewhere3. Gnarls Barkley- St. Elsewhere

So, I think it's time we really start asking ourselves if we are seeing the next genius right in front of our eyes. After the Gray Album, the last Gorillaz album, adn stuff like Danger Doom, I think Danger Mouse officially is a genius. Also, "Crazy" was the song of the year by far. Don't bother arguing, I won't listen

Everything All the Time2. Band of Horses- Everything all the Time

The amazing thing about this album isn't it's originality, but the fact that Band of Horses are so freaking good at what they do. Everything All the Time is just simply the best overall collection of songs that came out this year.

Avatar1. Comets on Fire- Avatar

Wow, this is definitely my best find this year. This album is flat out intense. Unabashedly classic rock, think of Led Zeppelin covering Phish songs. Roaring vocals, searing guitars and drums that threaten to injure you. From the head spinning rock of "Dogwood Rust" to the smoldering blues of Lucifer's Memory, this is the album of the year. Take a chance on this one, you will not be disappointed


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