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Dec 10, 2006
dave rudey 2006 list

Hello Everyone:


I hope 2006 was everything you could have hoped and wanted it to be.


For myself, personally, it was wonderful. I got married, bought a home, started a new job, and have almost finished a fictional novel I began work on in college. Anyhow: 2006 was a year for me of a diligent focus to non 2006 music. While 2006 was decent, I’m sure all of you would agree 2004 and 2005 were much stronger years for music release. Nevertheless, with that said, here is my top ten albums of 2006!



Thom Yorke- ‘The Eraser’


Simply brilliant! A highlight for me was seeing Radiohead live in concert at the Chicago theater. While they did not play any songs from this recorded, I really enjoyed this one. It is worthy of many listens.



Track six- Atoms for Peace

Track seven- And it Rained all night “And washed the filth away down NYC air condition drains”

Track eight- “I’m coming home I’m coming- we think the same things at the same time. We just can do anything about it.





The walkmen- 'one hundred miles off'




Yes sir! Hand down, the best rock band in America today! This record is ultra cool.

Check it out! Great show at the Metro as well.



Track One- “Louisiana, come go away with me. Will take the highway, I’ll see you in a dream.”

Track Four- “Emma, get me a lemon, and if there are none. Get me a lime!”



Artic Monkeys- 'Whatever people say I am, that is what I am not'



A close pick here. I had this one at number one for quite some time and deservedly so. This record is a must own! The lyrics are very good. Moreover, the hits are cool.



Track 7- Riot van

“But the police men look annoyed, maybe they should skip these boys….. please just stop talking, cause they won’t find us if you do… oh those silly boys in blue.”

Track 10- When the sun goes down



Gnarls Barkley- 'St. Elsewhere'


I love Cee-lo. You should also own Cee-lo and the mean green soul machine. Good record. As my friend Matt says, “Danger mouse solo- no thanks. Danger Mouse with a group or singer ala Gorilla, YES SIR!”



Track 4- Smiley faces

“What would you do, what did you say, did you walk or did you run away… you worries and fears become your friends and they end up smiling at you.”





Pearl jam- 'Pearl Jam'



Saw them 2x in concert. Both times were fun. Album is better than anything they have done in years. Sentimental pick here.




The Strokes



Similar to pick 5, great concert, bought the record, and enjoyed three listen throughs. Great rock record! Good guitar. This one seals the deal- they are good.



Track 1- You live only once




Damien Rice



Late 06 add. As I listen to it, I enjoy it more and more. I’m on listen #2 right now and there is some meat on these bones.







Good show, good record- my indie reminder good music is everywhere.




Neil Young





The Flaming Lips





Best lyric of 06- “With all your power, what would You do.”


Hom mention:

Dylan- Modern times

J Lewis with the Watson Twins



Best of 07,


I hope all is well!



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